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Mootes beard grooming kit
Mootes beard grooming kit
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Do you only want the best for your beard? We have the best with our Grooming Set #1. It contains everything you need for your beard care. Like all our high quality products from Mootes we use only natural ingredients and everything is produced in Switzerland.

Our Mootes beard oil gives you a brilliant appearance. Just a few drops - which you can dose perfectly with the pipette lid - are enough to make your beard look great. The almond and jojoba oil give your beard the care it needs.

The ideal complement to our oil is the Mootes beard balm. Massage it into your beard and provide care for your skin beneath as well. We use shea and cocoa butter to give you the care for skin and beard.

The Mootes Mustache Wax is perfect for shaping you mustache, but feel free to use it for your whole beard. It contains natural beeswax which ensures that your mustache does what you want. Coconut oil also makes it look really great.

Have you never thought about washing your beard? Well you should reconsider it. Our beard soap from Mootes will be your first choice. High quality ingredients such as aloe vera and edelweiss extract care for your beard and skin. Edelweiss, the Swiss national flower, has a healing, protective and vitalizing effect on your skin.
The Mootes beard brush helps you remove foreign bodies and dead hair from your beard. It is great to spread the beard oil or balm into your beard and the skin beneath. The neat and comfortable brush will be delivered in practical cotton bag.

Do you like it fresh? Sunet Ave. is the right smell for you. Slightly bitter petitgrain oil (an essential oil extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree) displays an impressive fruitiness with wonderfully sweet orange oil and strong herbaceous grapefruit oil and simply smells of pure energy.