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Beard Wash North Laine by Mootes for Gentlemen


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The Beard Wash by Mootes is 100% made in Switzerland and contains only high quality natural ingredients. It cares for your skin as well as cleans and provides important nutrients to make your beard look great and give it an amazing smell.

Unlike many other manufacturers Mootes does not use palm oil but instead uses washing active substances obtained from coconut fatty acids. Not only is this good for the environment because they are completely biodegradable, they are the perfect choice for sensitive skin to avoid irritations. They clean very gently and thoroughly and are characterized by excellent foaming properties. These substances are combined with olive and sage extracts which support the regeneration of the skin and makes it naturally smooth. Hibiscus roots and golden bamboo are added to moisturize your facial skin and reduce wrinkles.

North Laine is an exciting, classy and enormously complex smell. Cedarwood combined with sweet juniper berries harmonizes to an elegant fragrance, which is topped off with spicy black pepper and lemon bergamot. For us, North Laine is the perfect scent to go out in style with your friends.


The best way to use the beard wash by Mootes is under the shower. Pump some into your hands and rub it into your beard. Make sure to get it onto your skin. Rinse with water. 




Disodium Cocyl Glutamte
mild vegetable-based surfactant (foaming ingredient) derived from from coconut or palm kernel oil and glucose from corn
Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate
mild vegetable-based surfactant (foaming ingredient) derived from from coconut or palm kernel oil and glucose from corn.
Xanthan Gum
thickening agent and stabilizer to prevent ingredients from separating. Made of sugar
Sodium Benzoate
Citric Acid
found naturally in citrus fruits, especially lemons and lime
olorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic. The glycerol backbone is found in those lipids known as glycerides. Due to having antimicrobial and antiviral properties it is widely used in FDA approved wound and burn treatments
Olea Europaea Leaf Extract
olive leaf extract
Salvia Officinalis Leaf Extract
Sage extract
Propylene Glycol
liquid substance that absorbs water
Althaea Officinalis Root Extract
Marshmallow root
Bambusa Vulgaris Shoot Extract
Bamboo extract
Natural alcohol found in many flowers and spice plants
Product, found in the peel of citrus fruits
Coumarin is a flavouring substance which is contained in relatively high concentrations in cinnamon varieties
aromatic oily liquid extracted from certain essential oils especially from clove oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, basil and bay leaf.
Geraniol is produced by the scent glands of honeybees to mark nectar-bearing flowers and locate the entrances to their hives
ylang-ylang, and is a component of wood smoke and liquid smoke. It can be synthesized from eugenol and has been used in the manufacture of vanillin
viscous liquid occurs in the bark of cinnamon trees
Benzyl Benzoate
is an organic compound which is used as a medication and insect repellent.
citrus fruit's peel oil
is produced from 5-carbon isoprene compounds in plants