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Is your beard more than just hair on your face? Then we recommend our Mootes beard comb #1 to help you style it. It’s ideal to remove foreign objects from short to medium beards and to gently care for your beard.

We only use the best material. To ensure high stability our Mootes beard comb #1 consists of several layers of high quality rosewood, which is characterized not only by a beautiful grain and warm brown tones, but also by its weather-resistant durability. This type of wood is endangered so we only use residues to produce our Mootes beard comb. This way we make sure that every part of the wood is recycled for a meaningful purpose. We believe that no endangered tree should be harmed because of us.

Our Mootes beard comb #1 is made by Chris Hart in Zurich. Chris starts cutting the shape of the comb out of the wood by laser and has to finish it by hand. Organic bee wax gives our Mootes beard comb #1 its matte finish. Once the comb passes its last quality control the Mootes logo is engraved by laser.

You can carry your Mootes beard comb in your wallet, because it’s no bigger than a credit card, or use the aluminum box, which is included, to just carry it in your pocket. The aluminum box can also be used to carry your ID cards or credit card. If you decide to use our number one beard comb, you will never again need or want to use another model.



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