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For me it is important to give back and the great thing is that I can decide where it goes. There are some organizations that are very important to me and I will donate 2% of each purchase to the Movember Foundation and the Equal Justice Initiative. 

Impact Calculator*: $455.00 (as of 07/06/2020)

You'll probably wonder how I decided to choose these two charities.

Movember was easy because I'm a big fan and supporter of The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride that happens every year in September all around the world. I like what Movember stands for and the minimum I can do is support for what I stand for as a business owner focusing on men's skin care.

Here a link to Movember: https://us.movember.com/

I want to give something back to a charity that doesn't have to do with men but is for everyone. The current events made me think and I wanted to support something that has nothing to do with political parties. That's why I decided to support the Equal Justice Initiate. 

Here a link to EJI: https://eji.org/

*The impact calculator is based on our previous charity collection partner Pledgeling. I decided to donate directly to the charities as of today (06/07/2020). The reason for this is that I want the charity to receive the entire amount.

P.S. Please forgive me if there are mistakes in the text. English is not my first language. Reach out to me if you have any questions: chris@gentlemans-corner.com