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Do you prefer a short beard? If yes, we have the perfect beard brush as the ideal tool for short beard care. This model is made specifically for shorter beards. The bristles are very soft which allows them to glide pleasantly through the beard hair as well as over your skin and don't irritate the skin. The brush from Mootes not only removes dead hair or foreign bodies from your beard, but also makes it look well-groomed with little effort.

We only use the best materials. For the bristles we use selected horse hair because it is natural, very soft and has a long life. The oval handle of the brush fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is made of high quality wood. We have opted for ash wood from Switzerland as it is distinguished both by a pleasant feel and great optics. Wood is a natural product and has a slightly different grain, which means every model is as unique as its owner. Of course this brush is 100% made in Switzerland so we can guarantee you the excellent quality that you expect from us.

The brush is sent in a practical cotton bag that also provides enough space for other beard care products from us. This way you always have the most important things for your beard with you. This brush is a worthwhile purchase for men with a short beard and a really good reason for others to grow one.



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