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Qaveman Hangover Face Mask Face Moisturizing Cream Face Wash


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Men's skin needs just as much care as women's. That's why we created the Swiss Skincare Collection. The set is made of a Beard Wash, a Beard Moisturizing Cream and a Hangover Face Mask.

Everything you need to start your day and kick some ...

Face Wash - A paraben free formula makes it safe to use all over a man’s face. Made in the Canton of Ticino, it holds the powerful freshness from the clean waters of the Verzasca valley. A freshness not even a man like James Bond can forget.

Face Moisturizing Cream - A formula of refined jojoba seed oil that nourishes your skin gently and leaves it with a smooth, non-greasy feel. The rich cream is elaborated in the Emmental in the Swiss Canton of Bern. And even though Bernese have the reputation of being slow, our cream absorbs very quickly.

Hangover Face Mask - Feeling tired from a long work day or night out? We know that feeling too. We added the Hangover Face Mask by Qaveman so you can start or finish your day relaxed and good looking. Based on natural ingredients and produced in Switzerland, this is the magic solution against difficult days.


  • Wash & Cream: 2.5oz
  • Mask: 1x