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Life is too short to be without a long beard and we have the perfect beard care set for you with this Mootes beard brush.

It is ideal for long beards because the bristles are not quite as soft as with conventional models. This allows you to remove foreign bodies and dead hair from your beard resulting in a perfectly groomed beard in seconds. In addition, the powerful bristles provide a pleasant massage effect on your skin. What more does a man want?

Tradition and quality are important to us. For this reason we cooperate with an old-established brush factory from Switzerland in the production of this beard brush. This is how your 100% Swiss Made brush comes into fine craftsmanship. All components are natural, high-quality and carefully selected by us. For the bristles we have chosen wild boar bristles because these are very robust and ideal for the desired massage effect, but at the same time gentle. We wanted the perfect Swiss wood for this brush so we searched for used wood for a long time until we were completely satisfied. We found exactly what we were looking for and can now share it with you on this eye-catching beard brush.

The brush is sent in a practical cotton bag which also provides enough space for other beard care products from us. This way you always have the most important things for your beard with you. This brush is a worthwhile purchase for men with a long beard and a really good reason for others to grow one.



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