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What better way to tell your man „I love you“ than the finest leather bag filled with his favorite products?!

This handmade vintage shaving bag is designed and produced by Spirit Leather and made of genuine German cowhide leather. We worked closely with our German friends to bring you a bag that is not only stylish and durable, but also multifunctional.

Traveling for business or pleasure? Our bag is perfect to stow all your needed grooming products for that long haul flight or just to carry it through the city and have everything needed to show up in style.

Do you enjoy a relaxing pipe every now and then? Our bag is the perfect size for storing your pipe and tobacco. You will be sure to always have it ready to grab on the go when you need a change of scenery.

Size: 8” x 4” x 4”

This sets includes a beard balm and a beard or body soap in four different scents:

North Laine is an exciting, classy and enormously complex smell. Cedarwood combined with sweet juniper berries harmonizes to an elegant fragrance, which is topped off with spicy black pepper and lemon bergamot. For us, North Laine is the perfect scent to go out in style with your friends.

Sunset Ave. is synonymous for fresh and fruitiness. The refined fragrance is composed of numerous essential oils - spicy petitgrain, bitter grapefruit and sweet orange oil. The smell was named after a pulsating street with many clubs and bars. For us, Sunset Ave. is the ideal scent if you want to celebrate with friends or spend the evening in a cozy pub.

Mountain Pass - In the past, exotic spices came almost exclusively across the Alps to Switzerland. Our scent Mountain Pass consists of these rare spices in the form of natural essential oils. That’s the reason why we have chosen this name. The base is a pleasantly smelling cedar wood perfectly combined with balsamic clary sage, spicy coriander, sharp black pepper and aromatic bay leaf. We used a touch of vanilla to give Mountain Pass the final sweet note. The result is a classic, modern scent.

Knight Rider. A mysterious and masculine fragrance. Knight Rider is a masculine, mythical and very exciting composition of essential oils, which is particularly effective at night and 100 percent made in Switzerland. It is based on the scents of Amyris, Swiss Pine and Vetiver. We also added aromatic juniper and cypress grass and the result is a perfectly balanced composition.